How to enable devtools for VueJs in Nextcloud?

I have installed Vuejs devtools extension in chrome. It detects the vue js but it gives me this error “Devtools inspection is not available because it’s in production mode or explicitly disabled by the author.”
What is the way to enable it ?


compile the source without production mode. For example npm ci && npm run dev for server (and most other apps).

Thanks Kesselb.

I actually want to debug Nextcloud core UI which is already in production.

You need development mode for debugging.

Are really working on the core Vue library? If yes, you will have to use npm run dev or npm run watch.

If you simply want to debug an app and need insight into the core Vue library, you could modify the installed version in node_modules. Keep in mind that any update might overwrite the updates. So, have a close look what you do.