How to duplicate Hard Drive

Hi guys, I set up my nextcloud server with nextcloudpi a couple of months ago and have loved it so far.
I have been using a 2 TB Xbox game drive for a while now, and I want to switch to a 256 GB thumb drive. I only have 25 GB of data on it, so the size downgrade should be fine.

How would I go about replicating the existing drive to the thumb drive?

I’m relatively new to this, so please explain in precise detail.

You can use nextcloudpi webinterface for that, just like you moved the data dir to your hardrive back then. But be sure to have either a backup of your data, or no valuable data on the thumbdrive, they are more prone to fail than harddrives

It’s a Micro Center thumb drive and i’m just storing a bit of information for school, so it failing isn’t going to be much of a problem. Thanks for the response.