How to download 1 GB or more folder

Even if I download a folder of 1 GB or more, a broken 1 GB zip will be downloaded.
Can I configure to be able to download large folders with config settings?


Hi,Did you resolve this problem?
I meet a same problem like you said.
Nextcloud: 13.0.4

I have installed NC 13.04 and Windows 10 and i could download and open a 20 GB ZIP file without any problems.

Yes. but I have a problem with download folder that size is 2.3GB. Download stop in 1GB.
today I upgrade My NC to 13.04 . now , problem seems not exsits.

Without more information about the system and some logs, it will be hard to tell more. Also check if you run a 32-bit or 64-bit system.

I forgot to mention that i’m running 64-bit Windows 10.

sorry, I meant the server. For 32-bit systems, there are often problems when the total size exceeds 2gb.