How to Downgrade Nextcloud on Hosted Server

I carelessly upgraded the Nextcloud installation on my shared server account on Bluehost to NC version 22. Bluehost does not support MySQL version 8 for accounts with shared hosting. This rendered the NC version 22 upgrade inoperable. For my original install I used setup-nextcloud.php. Unfortunately this installer script is hard coded to grab only the latest NC version.

To roll back to NC version 20 using setup-nextcloud.php I performed the following -

  1. Navigated to and found the latest NC 20 that is version: 20.0.13.
  2. Changed the following line of code in setup-nextcloud.php


$error .= Setup::getFile(‘’.NC_VERSION.’.zip’,'’);


$error .= Setup::getFile(‘’,'’);

  1. FTP’d the revised installer to my hosted server and installed NC version 20 without issue.

NC 22 runs smoothly with php 7.4 , I guess

afaik NC doesn’t support downgrades of any majorversion.
you might wanna restore your latest backup, though.

Yeah it was only a problem with MySQL. I did talk to Bluehost tech support but got nowhere with my request to update MySQL. They used to be really good, now not so sure. I did have to re-sync from my PC which was time consuming. No big deal. Just posted this because I did not find a method to down grade using the installer in any of my searches.

oops. misread. sorry

as I said: not supported

True enough but the NC maintainers state that versions 20 -22 are “supported” but down grading is not supported and that probably has something to do with database compatibility? I don’t know much about this sort of thing but glad to have things up and running again.

downgrading major versions was never supported natively by NC. Regardless of which version.
I dunno if it’s only about databases.