How to downgrade bookmark app?


I have Nextcloud 15.0.11 installed via yunohost on a debian 9.11 with php 7.0.

I used the bookmark app until recently when i upgraded to its 2.2.0 version. I don’t know how i could manage to install the latest version since i always ran php 7.0.

I now can’t insert any new bookmarks. I assume this is somehow because of the php 7.1 dependancy.

I deactivated the bookmark app and can no longer activate it again (because of php 7.1 dependancy).

I noticed i could download the earlier 2.0.3 version of bookmark from wich supports 7.0 php version.

But i could not managed to downgrade from 2.2.0 to 2.0.3 within Nextcloud.

Can i do that somehow since i won’t get php 7.1 until yunohost supports debian 10 (not in a near future) ?

Thank you for your answers.