How to disable "Update needed"?

config.php notes version

How do I turn off the need to update / remove the “Update needed” notification and return to normal usage when I go to my nextcloud instance?

[I’ve determined that for my purposes I need to start over with nextcloud, with a fresh install to a new directory, and for the moment merely want to get into what I had as it is.]

i recommend set the updater to “production” then update to the latest patchbuild 11.0.3 so you don’t get the nc 12 update message.

Perfect, thank you! I didn’t know there was such a thing as ‘production’.

sudo -u www-data php occ $*

/var/www/nextcloud $ occ.bash occ config:system:set --value production
/var/www/nextcloud $ occ.bash upgrade

Let me in.

I’m in, but get an error when going to admin. Will have to sleuth that out. If you have a pointer for doing so, that would be appreciated.

Never mind. Uninstalled onlyoffice, and admin stopped erroring.

Curious, as the app was disabled.

Thanks again.