How to disable personal use - alow ONLY group-work


We have many not so techi-users. Those users have difficulties to understand the difference between personal- und group-storage/calendar/etc.
In our envronment, the most users are not interested in personal usage… mos of them are not interested in group-usage… but they know, that the sometimes have to use it… so the learning-level is not that high…
We want to restrict access to the relevant things just for having less problems in usage.

Thats why we want to use nextcloud only as a collaborative solution.
So we want to use groupfolders, groupcalenders, group-decks, and so on…

but we also want to prevent users to use own WebDAV-Space or own CalDAV Calendars… and so on.

maybe it is possible to restrict everyone (or everyone in a special group) to use ONLY group functions but not personal things.

I think we are not the first who are in a similar situation, but i wasn’t able to find a solution.
maybe you got some ideas?

thx a lot.

Hello Demiak,

to prevent users to save files on their own space/shares etc. you have to set the quota to “0”.
Instead of, you can use the groupfolders quota. The user will see a messages, when he first logs on, that he’s no persmission to up and download files. you can set this 0 quota as an system wide setting for all users. Hope this helps


Thats a working workaround, thx.
But than many users will ask “why can’t i upload files?”. so it would be much more better to disable feature of upload for personal storage. also in menu-entries and so on.
a quota of zero does not prevent this, or does it?

You can disable the display of elements in the UI via CSS. E.g. to disable the big “Plus” in the Files app:

.actions .creatable {
  display: none;

You can do that by installing the Custom CSS App and then add that part above to Settings->Theming->Custom CSS.

But you want the users to be able to upload files to the groupfolders, etc, right? Or how do the files end up there?

Yes… i want them to use group-based features as normal. but not private-based features…
i did not check right now, but i think disabling in the GUI via CSS is global and does not reflect the group-work?

@demlak have you been able to solve this? i am looking for the exact same solution.

I want to create a folder per team, so that each team can work in his folder, but I do not want the users to be able to upload any files outside from those folders.


there is no real solution… we just restrict quota to 5byte per person… so there is no upload.volume in personal folders…
they still can upload files smaller than 5 byte… and they can create folders…

but well…

we use groupfolders with explicit rules to manage everything after…