How to disable "personal info" for guest users

Hello… I’ve installed “Guests” app but now I’ve to disable the “personal info” from the settings or possibly just a few fields, such as “Email” (I don’t won’t that a guest uses its personal email).

I tried to insert css instructions (with “Custom CSS” app) but I can’t locate them only for guest users.
Is there a specific css tag that allow me to hide these fields (e.g. “.some-specific-css-guest .personal-settings-setting-box #emailform { display: none; }” ) but only for the guest user (instead the admin user can see these fields).

Is it possibile?

The personal email is the login-name and the password is the personal password. Without the email the user can not reset the account and that is an advantage of the guest app.

And if you do not want them all why do you not share a public share with password.

Example of private share, send to someone with email or other tools
Passwort: YsbbLRFK

You can also allow modification of files and creation of directorys.
I can send you a nice redirection tool for webserver (outside nextcloud), so a user can use this url https://www.server.tld/user/userxyz and redirect with http-301 to the nextcloud share. Also you can implement it in .htaccess (rewrite) on your webserver.

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