How to disable Csrf-Token in Activity rss?

Many feed-readers doesn`t support Csrf-Token, for example newsbeuter. Where and what i must edit to disable Csrf-Token in Activity rss?


CSRF is already disabled for the feed:

Any specific error you get? Something in your log file of the server?

Sorry for my English.

Maybe I am wrong. My RSS-activity URL: http://localhost/nextcloud/index.php/apps/activity/rss.php?token=pZeNgmulv%2BREK8ljW8GOZuBFAWBqdg
token=pZeNgmulv%2BREK8ljW8GOZuBFAWBqdg - this is Csrf-Token?

RSS-activity working well in big apps - Liferea, Thunderbird. But they haven’t notifications and to big in memory.
RSS-activity didn’t work in some apps (Newsbeuter and feedindicator). I try to receive notifications on desktop.
Is there a fix for Newsbeuter or feedindicator?
And, why Newsbeuter or feedindicator isn’t working with Nextcloud RSS-activity?


I suppose thats the login token which is used to log you in, not the CSRF token

How i can disable authorization token in RSS-activity URL?

You probably can’t and if you can it’s probably a bad idea because everyone would be able to view sensitive information by adding the activtiy RSS feed. Why not use a feed reader with basic auth capabilities (hint: Nextcloud News supports this)?

Nextcloud is in local network. I try Nextcloud News. Thanks!

I guess the %2B caused trouble for you.
try to disable and reenable the RSS feed, until the token does not contain a % character anymore.
I will make a change to the activity app so it doesn’t use it anymore in the future.

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Can you make the following change, disable and reenable the RSS feed and then try again?

I try many times… and now any URL working in newsbeuter.
Non of this url didn’t work in feedindicator.
This url working too in newsbeuter: …/rss.php?token=iCtj%2BNOLyTFroT479y47TC/Kaz0/RO
I dont understand anything. Maybe its my mistake. But i tried RSS from internet in newsbeuter and it always works, but from activity rss didn’t work before.
Now all urls working in newsbeuter.

Big thanks! You make my life easier!