How to disable automatic calendar reminder

Hello, is there a way to disable the automatic generation of reminders in calendar events?

Reminders are not automatically generated and need to be individually be set-up on event creation.

Not exactly. Just after created a new event, there are not reminders but the day of the event I got one (a bell icon appears on the event and notifications are pushed to clients also) so I assume there is an automated generating system.

Looking for a solution on Google I discovered that some users wanted this feature so I think it has been added in the last release. Even if it is a useful feature, in my case is very annoing and I would like to disable.

Unfortunately I cannot confirm this on my server. Events in the Calendar app are still created without a default reminder set. As far as I can see the mentioned feature request is still open and hasn’t been implemented yet.

I’m using Nextcloud 18.0.4 with Calendar app 2.0.4. Maybe it is not related to that feature, ok, but I can confirm that a new event has not reminder when created but the day of the event date a reminder “magically” appears and I’m sure no one has manually added to that event.

Any ideas?

I’m still not sure what you exactly mean. It might be possible that you refer to an activity which is being pushed-out on your personal activity stream. If this is the case, check-out the activity settings.