How to disable activity on shared download?

I’d like to disable all activity regarding shared files when it comes to notices of people downloading them. I don’t want to or need to waste space on my MySQL database or incur the extra RAM requirements to log that information. Especially since the information doesn’t include anything useful.

I can see how this might work on the admin side of things if you need to monitor shared downloads but you could just log that to a text file instead of the database.

You can set the activity to X days:

'activity_expire_days' => 365,

Still writes to my MySQL database which is on a SSD. I’d really like to disable it entirely or shunt the log file to a standard HDD.

Perhaps you can delete the app.

True! But the app itself is useful. Let’s say I shared a file on reddit and it got 100,000 downloads. That’s 100,000 new entries into that table.

I’d prefer not to disable the app, so this could be considered a feature request?