How to delete app password with API


I look on the discussion but didn’t find an answer, so here I am :wink:

For a client app, I would like to remove the app password remotely, so my user don’t need to go to the Nextcloud to do so. I managed to do the “Remote wipe” part, but I still need to first go on the Nextcloud to manually select the app password I would like to remove. Is there a way to remotely do this first part, or simply delete app password?

I also tried to use the “” delete route, it gives me response code 204 but nothing happen with my app password.

Could someone help me with this?

Thanks a lot!

Hey, that should actually work according to Login Flow — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation
Can you try the curl example?

Well, this time it works :thinking:

I guess I got a shell I didn’t see the first time I tried. :rofl:

So, thank you!!