How to delete and re-sync gnome calendar, tasks, contacts

My Nextcloud server is working well, but I somehow messed up my GNOME desktop calendar, tasks, and contacts. I’d like to delete all this from my desktop and re-sync the latest/greatest/correct data from Nextcloud. Anyone know the proper way to start from scratch?

  • my desktop is Ubuntu 22.04 LTS 64-bit
  • my Nextcloud server is running Hub 3, version 25.0.2, from official Docker image, all apps up to date

I’m also running the Nextcloud desktop sync client v3.6.4 from this ppa, in case that is relevant.

I’ve tried deleting and re-creating the Nextcloud entry in the GNOME desktop “Online Accounts”, trashing all of ~/{.local/share,.cache}/evolution, killing and restarting any/all processes matching calendar and evolution, manually deleting all Nextcloud passwords in Seahorse, even rebooting.

Contacts data seems correct. Calendar and tasks are not. It looks like it downloaded the names of the calendars and task lists, but not the actual events and tasks.

I faced this exact problem a couple years ago with Ubuntu 20.04, but my own solution no longer works. Here’s that:

The only other workaround I can think of is to delete the user account /home/user on my computer and start from scratch (with, e.g., /home/user2).

One last bit of info: I have another very similar Ubuntu 22.04 LTS desktop (configured almost exactly the same), and syncing contacts, tasks, and calendar seems to be working fine.

Hmm, if I delete ~/.cache/evolution, log out, and log back in, it syncs one of the calendars only. The calendar sync appears to be crashing partway.

Found a workaround. I manually copied everything in .cache/evolution/calendar/ from the working computer to the broken one, and calendar sync now works nominally on both.