How to customize the iOS and Andriod app appearance


I’m curious if there is any option to customize the appearance of the Android and iOS app. For sure, it takes over a couple of settings coming from the theming settings in the cloud, that is known.

The reason, why I’m asking is, that I do have some difficulties with the size of the left pane on a small sized Andriod tablet with quite limited resolution. Due to the limited amount of horizontal pixels the folders and files appear in that left pane and you almost cannot read the names as there is too little space for showing enough characters. In parallel in the right pane is almost nothing. The width of the left pane is about 40% of the screen size, whilst the right pane gets about 60% just for showing a nearly empty white area.

My is: How can I customize the width of the left pane in case the available pixels width for that sceen is quite low using the Android-app or the iOS app.

Thanks a lot and BR,


no idea about this? It already would help me to know, that such a customization is not possible in general, because then I can stop searching for the solution.

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Hi Armin,

at least for the Android App I Know that this is not possible, at least not with today’s app.

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