How to create QR codes when the users are held in LDAP (Open Directory)

We have NC 17.x and use LDAP authentication to our Open Directory service, I would like to provide QR codes for staff to easily set up NextCLOUD on their mobile devices but I cannot find any way to generate them without re-setting the “local” password on NC which we do not use.

I CAN easily generate a QR with qrencode but would need the format for NC clients on iOS or Android to make them.

Anyone have any idea how to do this, or some pointer to the needed details to use to create the QR?

You mean the usual app-password does not work in case of using ldap?

If it does:

No it will not work as:-

A, The passwords are in LDAP
B, I don’t fancy changing 100’s of passwords just to get a QR code, not to mention they don’t all fancy a random password change.