How to create an album in the Photos app?

Hi, the Photos app page ( states, that one can create albums from one’s content, but I haven’t found a way to do so. How can that be done?


Hello fthommen.

You may do it in the files app. Go into your photos folder, there click on the + icon right below the blue bar, select “New folder”. Give the folder a name and save it. Then enter a folder where you have images, select the ones you want to move to the new folder, you will see an actions link, choose “Move or copy” and there choose as target the new folder and “Move”.

Hello @lundaweb. Thank you very much. But creating a folder and copying
images there is a basic NextCloud Files app operation and not a
(mentionable) feature of the Photos app. Normally in foto/image apps
the creation of an album consists of somehow combining images from a
global collection into a specific selection w/o duplicating them (copy)
or removing them from the global collection (move). I’d expect
something similar for the Photos app.

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Hi @fthommen.

I see. This would be a very useful function, consisting of collections of links/references in the database and and a page to display the referenced images.

Can’t find anything like this in the Photos app. I don’t know if it exists, but this certainly should be there. Maybe this is something you should put in the “Feature” section of the forum?

Hi, there is an opened ticket about virtual Albums on github yes

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Yes, I could, but the app states at
-> Why is this so awesome, that this feature already exists. I just
fail to see it.

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Same question: such a “basic feature” is not implemented and possible yet, or? :frowning:

Thanks, webaschtl

I’ve been having some issues with Google Photos recently and would love to start using my NextCloud install’s “Photos App”, but the inability to organize an existing folder of photos into arbitrary and overlapping albums without having to store multiple copies of the same “photo” file in different “album” folders seems like a very rudimentary feature to be missing…


I was also looking for that feature. Is there any roadmap for this?


Please follow Implement album creation · Issue #84 · nextcloud/photos · GitHub