How to create a authentication backend

Is there any documentation on how user authentication works in latest nextcloud? I’ve tried searching for such information but I didn’t find anything super clear.

I’d like to find out especially how I can disable the password prompt when accessing the admin area or user settings, in order to fix this app:

I tried comparing that to but there doesn’t seem to be a magical auth backend property that disables that password prompt which makes that app unusable.

By adding this over the controller method, you should be able to disable auth:

 * @NoAdminRequired
 * @NoCSRFRequired

Which controller method are you referring to? Are you referring to how to make a plugin action (or whatever nextcloud calls it) that doesn’t need authentication? That’s not what I want, I want to fix that auth plugin so that all the inbuilt nextcloud pages that ask for password confirmation, don’t need the password confirmation.

I thought you only wanted to disable auth for that controller. In that case I don’t know then. I’m struggling as well making sense of the OC api.

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