How to correctly allow Kodi users access to Nextcloud data folder

Ubuntu 18.04
Snap Nextcloud 22
Kodi media center
Thinlinc server

Currently I have users added to root group in order to access the media files with Kodi.

What I have done so far.

Grant Root Privileges to user kodi
sudo usermod -aG sudo kodi

Add kodi to root group
sudo usermod -G root kodi

Verify New User
su - kodi
grep ‘^sudo’ /etc/group
Result should be.

Allow access to nextcloud folder currently is 750 owned by root.
sudo chmod 770 /var/snap/nextcloud/common/nextcloud

Allow access to nextcloud folder currently is 755 owned by root.
sudo chmod 775 /var/snap/nextcloud

Is there a better way to do this?

My nextcloud has user www-data. No root on anything. If your user is in sudo group they should have no need for root.

Be sure to read admin documentation.

You can also expose your local storage multiple ways, but root is not necessary. Consider setting up Samba or NFS to share between the services in a simple and sane manner.

Thanks for the reply.
I will try a read only Samba share next, Kodi has the option to connect.
I installed Nextcloud via snap, you only have root in the file system.

I Don’t understand the need of a user kodi. any user can start kodi on any computer/phone/tablet anywhere in the world and still get your data from the cloud.

Kodi accepts webdav.
Add Video
add Networklocation

add share WebDav-server [https]
remote Location: remote.php/webdav/Folder Where Folder is your directory in your users cloud space
port 443
username UserName
password Password

I ended up with a read only share on the nextcloud data folder because the more than 1 user with music.