How to copy/paste E2E encryption key onto new install of Adroid Client?


I used a hosted instance from a third party where I do not have ssh capabilities to that instance. I can only use the basic administration tools that come with the web interface (so no occ commands). I have enabled End to End encryption on that instance via the web interface (and cannot, as seems normal, disable it).

I first connected using the Windows Desktop client and was given the End to End password to use/accept. Then when I connected using the Linux (Debian) client, it asked me to enter the password - obviously detecting that E2E had been set up on my instance.

However the android client version (current non-dev version from FDROID (3.15.0)) does not prompt for the E2E password and I cannot see where I can ‘enter’ this on the Android client.

When I try to open a folder on my instance that I have ‘encrypted’ it shows up on the Android client with the expected padlock icon, but when I try to open the folder, the Android client ‘gives’ me an E2E string which obviously is not the same as the one that the Windows and Linux clients use.

When I try to save this (as I have no other option) the saving of the key fails on the Android client - this may be a different issue but anyway.

I have uninstalled/reinstalled (including deleting all the apk created dirs on my Android phone - I have rooted my phone). All to no effect. I can access all non-encrypted folders on Android, just not those that are E2E encrypted from either my Linux or Windows clients - both of which CAN access the other’s files.

How do I force my Android client to take an already defined E2E string?

Thank you for your time.