How to contact the official support?

I need to contact developers about my issue in Android development.
I opened a thread but had not any kind of response.

I do not know whether the problem is on Nextcloud or it’s up to the provider I am using to send those information.
So I need to know if there are other providers that are known to be working as to the requested INTENT function, or if a bug-fix request has to be filed somewhere.
Thanks in advance

have moved this one to subcategory clients/andoid as well.

you ask how to contact official support? well you are on community forum here. meaning this is not at all any official support forum.
though you could ping users here by just referencing them in your thread… like @Andy for example. but there’s guarantee that there will be any answer… though ppl do their best.

good luck

Thank you for the advice.
However, please could you also suggest me where the official support can be contacted?

They have an IRC channel (not sure how active that is), see the overview page in the repository:

hehehe… the guy i tagged is one of the offical devs of the android client. he mostly is pretty busy but there’s a good chance to reach him this way. and as he his quite nice there even is a good chance that he would be getting back to you.

and of course that one. you’d need an irc-client to reach them.

Let’s close this topic. The topic with the actual problem is still open. In this other topic, you can leave a link to a github-issue in case this problem is handled there.

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