How to connect self hosted NC office to managed Nextcloud?

turns out my VPS, on which I’m currently self hosting Nextcloud AIO, is too limited in terms of storage and upload bandwidth. I’ve found much more suitable offers of a managed Nextcloud hosting which in theory I can switch to. (eg IONOS or Hetzner offering 1TB/€5). but that doesn’t come with the Nextcloud office features which I’m dependent on.

is it possible in principle, to get such a managed hosting plan from say, Hetzner, and then get a low performance and affordable VPS, which I’d use to self host Nextcloud office (Collabora OL) standalone, and connect it to the managed Nextcloud only via the NC settings interface?

there’s no access to NC config files in a managed plan…


I couldn’t find much information on how to do it. I’ve found one tutorial where someone self hosted Nextcloud and Collabora online independently from each other on the same server and then connected them but he had to access the NC config files for it which isn’t possible in a managed NC plan.

Well, then they aren’t suitable, are they? :wink:

Probably not, because afaik a reverse proxy would have to be set up that can talk to both Nextcloud and Collabora, but since you can’t change the trusted proxies on a managed Nextcloud instance that probably wouldn’t work.

I’d say upgrade to a VPS with 4-8GB RAM and sufficient storage (maybe you could also work with external storage), or find a managed Nextcloud provider that also offers Nextcloud Office. However, both options will likely cost you more than €5/month.

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I can’t speak for other vendor’s managed Nextcloud plans, and also I need to make sure I understand what you need exactly:

I understand you would like to take a managed Nextcloud from a provider, and point the Nextcloud to a remote instance of Collabora CODE?

If that is my correct understanding of what you are trying to achieve then: if your managed hosting provider gives you admin rights to your Nextlcoud (I don’t see why they would not, that’s why you want to have your own instance, rather than go for a big tech solution where you can;t do anything), just go to the administration settings in Nextcloud, and point to any of your own or third-party Collabora Online server available in the Nextcloud Office config (see screenshot for our example).

Easy, job done.

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P.S. what we do is, we go for small-scale ARM servers to host Nextcloud instances (such as OrangePi 4 or OrangePi 5 boards) - these are good to serve the core of Nextcloud, all the file sharing & web FE stuff - but we point those instances to our heavy iron machines for Office CODE backend, Talk’s TURN/STUN/HPBE and/or other API backends we need to integrate with.

Such approach allows you to run Nextcloud core on fairly low-spec, low power-hungry hardware, while still get a good performace for advanced features (Office & Video calls)