How to connect external web ftp storage with nextcloud


i’m trying to connect my webft with my nextcloud. But it is not working. I don’t have any idea why.

Please find teh screen shoot attached.

Interesting idea. Are you trying to have an FTP server govern the same files as Nextcloud? That might me tricky. I don’t know what webft is, but you might want to make both your web server (Apache, nginx, etc) and webft members of the same group. Give that group read and write rights on the data and hope they will gracefully notice (dis)appearing files without complaining.

YES, I have created a folder in my web FTP html / … and want to connect it to Nextcloud. I want all data from nextcloud to be copied to this folder. It should synchronize if the Nextcloud data is deleted.

Or is there maybe another option how to connect nextcloud to an external storage ?

I think you should look at this, if you haven’t already:


yes i’ve been reading this guide and made it like there. But it’s not working.

Right. First of all, “It’s not working” is a bit vague. But your next step would be to look into the logs of your ftp server, Nextcloud and your web server and see what happens when you put or delete files, move them around, etc. Try to find see what happens when you try to do those things and compare that to what your expected. Then you can figure our what is in your way and ask a better question so that it is easier to help you. Good luck!

Yes I understand. But the problem is i didn’t get to this step jet. If you take a look at my screen shoot, i can tpress teh save button. Everytime i do press “Save” on teh right site, the red info button shows on the left side which informs me, that an error encouraged.

Are you sure about the ftps, the secure ftp connection? Is that working, and it isn’t SFTP (which is based on ssh).
Can you try to connect to the storage from your server via command line, just to check if there is no firewall or similar that blocks the connection?

ok… you mean with teh command line of my ftp… “not with teh nextcloud command line” ?

Yes directly on your system where Nextcloud is installed e.g. sftp:

This is the error code:

stat(): stat failed for at /data/web/e104944/html/newcloud/nextcloud/apps/files_external/lib/Lib/Storage/StreamWrapper.php#127

Its workign now. The problem was that I wrote /html/file/… instead of just “/”. Not it’s working!