How to connect a scanner?

I’m trying to connect my scanner to NC. The scanner is a Brother ADS-1100W.

What I’m trying to achieve is that I’m able to simple scan a document and it automatically end up in NC. I understand that using FTP is not very secure so what is the best way to get it right?

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  1. connect your scanner to a PC.
  2. Install desktop client on that PC and sync a folder “scans” to your NC.
  3. At your PC scan documents to the folder “scans”.
  4. Sync happens and you are done.

You provided less information about your environment and so it is not easy to know that my steps will work for you.
What connections does your scanner offers?
Do you have a PC as part of your workflow?

btw. using ftp locally is not a big issue IMHO. I am not sure if there are scanners with integrated webDAV support.

If your scanner supports SMB shares, you could also set up a SMB share (can be same server but NOT in the Nextcloud data folder) and then set it up as external storage.

Thank you for your quick reply @rakekniven! :+1:

As said, too little info, sorry! :wink: I have already connected the scanner to my laptop but for various reasons it has not turned out very well. Mostly because the laptop is not available all the time.

What I would like to do is to connect the scanner direct to the NC instance running on a RPI (NextcloudPi). The scanner is using WiFi to connect so no physical ports will be used.

The scanner has the following network protocols:
ARP, RARP, BOOTP, DHCP, APIPA(Auto IP), WINS/NetBIOS name resolution, DNS Resolver, mDNS, LLMNR responder, Custom Raw Port/Port9100, FTP Client and Server, SNMPv1/v2c, HTTP/HTTPS server, TFTP client and server, ICMP, Web Services (Scan), SNTP Client

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Good idea @KarlF12! The problem is that the scanner does not seam to use SMB, as far as I can see.

Thank you for the input! :slight_smile:

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FTP is not only insecure, but also a very clunky protocol by modern standards. But… it’s generally fine to use on the local network.

Hmm… the website says, “You can also scan to a shared folder, email server, or FTP, to save, distribute, and share information.” Shared folder usually refers to SMB.

But, you could do basically the same thing with FTP, setting it up as either local or FTP external storage.

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