How to configure sharing privileges

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I wish to host different user profiles with different privileges. As of now, I managed to achieve 2 profiles but I have no clue how can I achieve the third one.

1-Power users

These users can share files / folders with any users and groups in the server. They can also create share links to be sent to people without an account in the server, for them to download / upload stuff.

Achieved by activating the desired share permission as possible in the server and having these peoples in any group other than the Receivers group mentioned below.


These users can only receive shares from others. They can not create a new share to users in the local Nextcloud server, nor can they create share links.

Achieved by putting users in this group and this group only, and specifying that this group is excluded from creating shares.

3-Internal users

These users would be able to create shares to other users in the local Nextcloud server, but not able to create share links to send to external users. Ideally, I would also like to prevent them from sending a share to another Nexcloud server using Federation.

As of now, the only I found to restrict profile No3 - Internal Users, also restricts profile No1 - Power users, like disabling the creation of share links.

Any way for me to enforce such a privilege control in my Nextcloud ?

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Nextcloud version (13.0.6):
Operating system and version (Ubuntu LTS 18.04):
Apache or nginx version (snap ; so Apache):
PHP version (snap…):

The issue you are facing: Unable to define the privilege I wish to give to 3 different user profiles

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y):

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Create a group called Receivers and prevent them from sharing
  2. Allow creation of share links, do not restrict sharing within the same groups, etc. … as wished for power users
  3. Either the Regular Users end up with the same option as Power Users, or to limit them, I have to disable options that also limit Power Users

Not related to any error message, Apache or PHP config, so no need for any config…