How to configure Proguard for Android Client library


I’m using the Nextcloud Android library to add Nextcloud support to an android app using Android Studio. I’m having trouble configuring Proguard. When I run with minifyEnabled false all is fine, but with minifyEnabled true I get lots of Proguard related warnings and error. For example:$$Parcelable: can’t find superclass or interface org.parceler.ParcelWrapper

library class org.apache.commons.codec.binary.BinaryCodec extends or implements program class org.apache.commons.codec.BinaryDecoder

org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.server.AbstractWebdavServlet: can’t find referenced method ‘int getContentLength()’ in program class org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.WebdavRequest

I can run with disabling the warings , for example
But then the app crashes as soon as a client completes.

I have tried copying the Proguard.cfg settings from the Nextcloud client app on Github, but that does not make a difference.

Any idea how to configure Proguard to make this work?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @gerritbeuze,
best to ask this question in the issue tracker.
My guess is that you’ll need to exclude any package in use by the client lib and the lib’s dependencies.


Hi @gerritbeuze,
best to ask this question in the issue tracker.

Thank you, as I’m new to this forum: would you have a link to that issue tracker?

Gerrit Beuze

Hi, sure thing: