How to configure AutoUpload Feature on Android App

i want several folders of my phone to get synced with NC …

i have android marshmellow.

what i do is open nextcloud app go to autoupload go to custom folder select the folders then i select a remote folder where i want my files to get stored on nextcloud server and chose to include subdirectories and hit save or done button

but it doesnot upload all the folder and files i have selected !

Hi @engrsameen,

at the moment the auto uload will only upload new and changed files after you configured the folder. So any existing file needs to be uploaded manually first.
The upload of already existing files is on the dev roadmap but I don’t know of any timeline when this would be implemented/released.

Since I came here (and don’t want to open a new topic): Is there a (github) issue/proposal/whatever where I can watch on?


Sure, that would be

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