How to check the hash and password of a public link

Good afternoon We have deployed nextcloud 28.0.4, users often complain that when creating a public link, the password specified during creation is not suitable, its hash is stored in the mysql database. Tell me how I can compare a password and its hash for example the password is Cy5Or63UQU, the hash in the database is 1$QjVJQTBwTHQ1bmx1LmM3VQ$hBa63CoYBNgoEfD52FX2+0lVCfHYyeNVC5uE32cIMm8

  • Open a private browsing window
  • In it, open the public share link you sent the user
  • Enter the password you sent the user

If it works, they entered the wrong password, if it doesn’t, you sent them the wrong password.

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And how will this help me compare the password and its hash?
I figured it out myself, after studying the question a little, I found out what encryption algorithm is used and based on this I made a comparison, thanks, no help needed

With the steps i described, NC will perform the comparison for you and deliver you the result of whether or not the password matches the hash.
So this fullfills your original requirement of “Tell me how I can compare a password and its hash”.

As Nextcloud security is constantly kept up-to-date with latest standards and recommendations, the hashing algorithm used for passwords may be changed at any time. So just using the password in its intended way is the easiest option to verify if it’s correct.

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