How to change timeout time in lib/private/Installer.php in SNAP read only environment?

I cannot download the community document server because nextcloud keeps timing out before the large file can download. This is a common problem and can be fixed by editing the timeout value in lib/private/Installer.php. However, this file is write only in snap. Is there a way to edit this read only file, or is there another way to change this value?. Thanks

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same problem here.
How can we change this timeout on ubuntu snap nextcloud setup?

I think you can not change it because you use snap.

Your file (lines 279 to 283

$timeout = $this->isCLI ? 0 : 120;

Use CLI:

php occ app:install

(sorry, not tested)

The cli line seems to complete correctly: nextcloud.occ app:install richdocumentscode