How to change thumbnails?

I want to change the color of the thumbnail for txt files. It should appear signal red. This is to signal that a user is currently working on a specific file and that the others should keep their hands off it. It is placed in the synchronized local folder before editing the actual file and deleted again after the file (of the same name) has been saved. Reason: We always have problems with conflict files.

Now the Firefox HTML inspector claims that I can find the thumbnail txt.svg in the following directory:

This directory core/filetypes does not exist on the server. The path ends after ./apps/theming/img. Where can I find the thumbnails for files and folders to change their color? Is there perhaps a way to override that is also retained during the update?

Or is there another way to signal that a file is being worked on?

Regards, Kallle

On my system (NC18) txt.svg is in core/img/filetypes.

Another way to indicate that a file is being worked on is the app Temporary Files Lock for NC18 though I have not tried it yet.

Thank you very much for pointing out the new Temporary Files Lock. That’s exactly what I was looking for.
Now I’m just waiting for Nextcloud Hub (V18) to be marked as stable.

Yes, I also find a text.svg in ./core/img/filetypes. But it’s not the thumbnail that actually appears! This should come from:

However, this path does not exist on the web server! I don’t understand the function.


Re file locking.

Have you seen the app W2G2? It seems to be what you are looking for and works with older NC versions. I have only very briefly tried it but it certainly makes it clear that a file is locked and names the person locking the file. Files can be single shares or within group folders.

Can also lock folders or all folder content and the highlight colours can be customised (Settings > Additional Settings)

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