How to change the username to the ad name


i am using Nextcloud 13.0.0 with the ldap plugin.
All users got the uuid as there user name.
How can i switch it to there normal ad name?


This is something, that you will have to configure before, your users start logging in. It’s almost impossible to change after the fact, as there are too many references in the NC database and there is no command to do that.

At the moment there is only one user logged in.
How i can change the display username to the ad username?

Do i have to reinstall the ldap plugin or the whole cloud?

Which option would be the right one to show the ad user not the uuid?

Thank you!

It’s probably the easiest way to delete the current user from your NC and adjust the LDAP settings under Expert -> Internal Username. Here you will need to set the correct attribute to be used for your internal NC account names. Changeing this setting will only have an effect on newly logged in users.

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