How to change the new file suffix?

hey there, i am new to nextcloud community
this question is about the pc system , when we creat a new file,its have a defult sffix name ,like this

now i want to change file siffix be (.txt) (I MEAN IS ALL AUTO DEFULT) but i try some mothds all fail,
when i read the code ,i found this filename comes from the templates.js but i dont know about the handlebars and i think this question maybe can configuration opration , someone have the solve experience for this problem?
there are some screenshots about the source code.

You have to set it with → occ ← :

occ config:app:set text default_file_extension --value=txt

like described → here ← in the manual.

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thank you so much i slove this problem ! :grin:

if i want to change another files defult siffx name i can also use this way?(I know these file types come from richdocuments )

You can choose between OOXML and ODF in the Admin tab of your office:


Other endings you have to set manualy per file creation.

Much luck!

thank you so much ! this post is my first! and it works! sorry my English is pool make you confuse hahhahaha :rofl:

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