How to change server directory name without redownloading everything

I have a big directory synchronized between nextcloud and my desktop by the desktop client (Linux).
I’d like to move the data in a group directory, continue to have the synchronization with my laptop, but I’d like to avoid redownloading the whole directory (~40GB)
Is there a way to do this ? eg changing the “0\Folders\2\targetPath=” ?

Versions are : NC 27.1.5, and nextcloud-desktop 3.11.0 (linux)

Ok, I did a test on a small folder.

  • Stop synchronization client
  • Move data on the server (I used webdav for this)
  • Edit the ~/.config/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg file
  • replace the line x\Folders\y\targetPath=<old-folder> by x\Folders\y\targetPath=<new-folder>
  • when you are sure the data move on the server completed, restart the synchronization client : everything is Ok without download.

PS : I do not guarantee anything, always backup your data before.