How to change language?

Is it possible to change language? I’d like to have english not native language. Because it’s easier to solve problems and search help when I know errors etc. in english.

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For Nextcloud13, go to user setting, see the drop down Language and use the required one.

The admin is in plain English.

If you are talking about the OS language, it depends

The Android client auto defaults to the language setting of the device and there is no way to change the app’s language besides changing the devices language

Are you going to make it possible? @Andy
Make a switch device language <-> english would be enough for most. :slight_smile:

No idea really sinc ethis is the very first time anybody ever asked for such a feature…

I like to switch the display language at least between the device language and English.

Android apps with that feature: OsmAnd, WiFiAnalyzer, K-9, VLC, Firefox …

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I like that option because: Sometimes translation is badly behind or just bad. Even if the translation is good it’s hard to find help for a specific problem. Like searching help with translated errors/notifications. It’s lots of easier to find help with errors in english.