How to change from http to https (truenas scale)


i looking guide how to change from http to https in truenas scale.

many thanks.

Try reading nextcloud admin documentation and truenas scale documentation. Or, search this forum and whatever forum that Truenas uses for more info.

Since you are using Truenas, check their docs and forum first. This forum is only for Nextcloud support.

so the configuration is not from the nextcloud??
coz i see from youtube he make configuration in nextcloud.conf, but he using core, not scale.

You’ll need to tell us. We are not a truenas support forum.

Understandable if that is confusing, but do not assume we have any idea of how Truenas works as a base for Nextcloud.

Https depends. Clarify if

You own a domain
Dyndns provider
Something else

Look up how to setup let’s encrypt and read documentation. Should answer your question. Do some keyword internet searches. If that doesn’t work start providing detailed notes so we can better help you.

i hope i can give u more detail, coz i still newbie, thanks for your time