How to change from domain.tld/nextcloud to sub.domain.tld?

To access my server i have to do Apparently this is causing the "__Host-Prefix

The __Host prefix mitigates cookie injection vulnerabilities within potential third-party software sharing the same second level domain. It is an additional hardening on top of ‘normal’ same-site cookies." security error on my site, how do i change it to just


I’d suggest to search the forum first before opening a new thread…

…to come up with links like that --> Reaching nextcloud on domain instead domain/nextcloud [SOLVED]

awww… and you might have noticed that I changed the title of your thread for you to make your more apparent at first sight… “I have a problem” - could be the title of nearly every other thread here as well. It’s clear from the beginning that you’re facing problems or otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

so long and happy nc’ing

Ok thanks! Sorry for the issue :slight_smile:

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it’s all good. no worries. just wanted to remind you of that particular point which got out of focus a bit :wink: