How to catch developers attention on a bug ticket?


I am one of the maintainers of nextcloud-oidc-login, that is an app that allows users to authenticate against an OpenID Connect server. I encountered a bug with GNOME Online Account, since it uses deprecated nextcloud routes. So I investigated on the bug, and now that I have some comprehension on what is going wrong, I opened a ticket on the nextcloud/server bugtracker.

The situation is: I have understood what is going wrong, I am willing to make a patch, but before I put my hands in the code I would like to discuss the matter with the people who will in the end accept or refuse the patch.

A full month has passed and the bug did not received attention. I can understand why: there are 1.8k issues, and 400+ marked as « need triage ». Thanks to git blame I allowed myself to ping people who have worked on the files involved in the bug, but still no discussion has started.

I am used to FOSS projects, and I know people do their best with the time they are given. I understand that developers must be busy on matter they evaluate more urgent, and my issue is not particularly a priority. My intention is not to put the blame on anyone.

I am stuck on that situation where I simply need some nextcloud developer attention. I wonder what I can do to go forward.

Do you have a clue?


@Daphne and @jospoortvliet take care of the community at Nextcloud. Perhaps they can help out…


You could also try the nextcloud-dev irc room or

hey! first of all, thank you so much for your help with the code. I will try to see what I can do for you. It’s indeed difficult to stay on top of all the tickets. Some of the people whom you pinged are particularly unavailable, as one of them no longer works at Nextcloud and one of them is no longer in the engineering team. I am asking around whether there is someone who can help you further and I’ll let you know.

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