How to build Spreed.ME with Hosted Server?

Good day!
I have installed NC 10 on my webspace with the german provider all (=hosted server). Everything, incl. sync. calendar, etc. is working fine.
Now I wanted to install Spreed.ME.
I installed the Spreed.ME-NC-app via FTP and activated the app as NC-administrator. That’s o.K…
But now, how to proceed with installation of Spreed-webRTC?
In the documentation ( a possibility to build Spreed-webRTC is described as follows:

  1. zypper install go
    Install Go so you can built a Go app like Spreed WebRTC
  2. cd /srv/www/htdocs
    Go to the root of where your webserver is installed
  3. wget
    Grab the Spreed WebRTC code
  4. unzip
    Extract the code
  5. cd spreed-webrtc-master
    Enter the folder you just extracted the files into
  6. ./
    Generate configure and Makefile
  7. ./configure
    Detect all dependencies and get ready to built
  8. make
    Build Spreed WebRTC

Certainly I can download and install Spreed-webRTC via FTP , but what to do then, how to manage point 6., 7., 8. via FTP,

Is it possible at all to install Spreed.ME with a hosted server via FTP?

Thanks for any help!

hi, short: no.
Reason: you need shell access and install applications and services, which is not possible on a shared hosting.
You can’t even alter your apache config.
You need a vserver/rootserver, if you want to use docker you have to make sure, that the hoster is using a hypervisor-vm and not a os-based-vm.