How to block email change for all user accounts

Hi everybody,

does anyone try to disable email change for all user account ?

Because we don’t want user can change it after setting it up !!!

thanks in advance for your answers !!!

Because of missing this very useful setting in NC admin interface
I just add ‘readonly’ to the line

<input type="email" name="email" id="email" readonly value=".......

of the file

That’s a very bad idea in any security sensitive context. Users could still change the email by editing the website.

Yes, I agree.
And then I have commented out

    //        if (!$user->canChangeDisplayName()) {
    throw new ForbiddenException($this->l10n->t('Unable to change email address'));
    // }
    // $user->setEMailAddress($data[AccountManager::PROPERTY_EMAIL]['value']);

in the file

In fact it’s enough to comment out last line only.