How to block automatic deletion of a local copy of a share after unsharing?

Is it possible to define in the sync client that it should not delete shared folders after they are unshared by the sharer?
How can i get such behaviour of the nextcloud sync client?

I believe that it is not possible and there’s not much chance such feature will be implemented soon. From my understanding your request would contradict the Nextcloud file ownership concept (my data - my rights, from the view of the sharer).
Yet you could “prevent“ files from deletion by copying them from the shared folder to another location as soon as you have received them.

I was already thinking of such a thing by doing a sheduled rsync of those shared folders. But that requires more storage and planning.
We had a problem with a user that left angrily the company but had a lot of shared files in which other users were colaborating.
The user deleted all their shares and everything got deleted from the computers of all collaborators.
So I think unsharing should not mean deletion of the work of others.

I think for future you must change your concept and not the software. Perhaps you can use e.g. group folders.

If a user shares his/her data and then unshare, only users how has copy the data own then “their” data.

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