How to backup before update

Hi, just wondering if it’s necessary to backup before I update from 14 to 15.

All my phone contacts live online with the calendars… would hate to have something happen to it.

Is it possible to download the database before the update? I do similar things with wordpress but have not found it on nextcloud. Did found a buggy app that I could not manage to get working.

Or do I just need to download the mysql database?


do you have shell access to your server or are on a shared web host?

for shell access: but you have to adopt it to your settings.

btw: a backup should be scheduled regularly. :wink:

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Hi I’m on a shared webhost, I do have SSH acces but I can’t see the var/ folder so I guess I don’t have full access. Any other ways do do a backup?

Kind of strange this isn’t built in, I do this on freenas whenever I update to a new version. Perhaps a feature for future releases.


On a shared hosting you are depending on hoster settings and pathes.
Contact your hosting provider on how to do a backup for your NC.

You only need access to the nextcloud folder. See the official backup docs:

Important is to backup the folder as well as the database. rsync and mysqldump are very useful if you have full access, but you can copy files through SFTP or similar. And the database through the tools your hoster provides (phpmyadmin should work as well, however, check the backup if it is complete and didn’t stop after a timeout).

i would also backup config/config.php. :wink:
and the themes folder if you have personal themes.

Seems I have an issue. I changed the maintenance mode to true in the config file. Then downloaded all the files and the db.

Now for some reason the whole config.php file is almost empty.

It only contains:

<?php $CONFIG = array ( 'instanceid' => 'ocncnzx1k4aj', ); Did something just seriously went wrong? Because now I don't have a backup of the config.php file. It seems the whole preemptive safety backfired...

Ok, managed to get it back from the backup on the webhost itself. Still pretty scary…

Why should the config be empty after you downloaded some files?
Did you move some files by accident?