How to avoid local sync for huge groupfolders?

Hello Nextcloud experts,

on my NC server, an image folder with 120 GByte of data is to be created and released via the NC app “Groupfolders” as a group folder with read permission for a user group.

My problem is that the user group all uses the Windows client and the group folder is synchronized locally without confirmation. But this is not desired, because why should every PC get a large group folder synchronized to the (not sufficiently large) local hard disk?

I have imagined this so that when creating a group folder, it can be set whether this folder should be (automatically) synchronized locally via the Windows client or not. If not, then the group folder should appear in the Windows Explorer, but should refer directly to the server stored data states and NOT to the local, synchronized data copy (which does not exist in this case).

Did I overlook something or is every group folder mercilessly copied to the local hard drive via NC Windows client in full splendour and scope?

Thanks for every tip!