How to adjust app install status

I had trouble with two apps since NC18 and I removed it. One is “user_external” and the second is “push”.

“user_external” fails the consistency check. I uninstalled this from the NC UI.
“Push” stops NC. I had to remove push from apps directory with SSH etc.
I performed occ maintenance: reapair just in case.

I installed it manually with a different app. Either my procedure was wrong or the NC update procedure(occ upgrade) was started. Then user_external and push were checked with the app store. And they have been reinstalled. However, they are not listed on NC’s own app list.
In the case of Push, when I searched for “push” in the app, “Nextcloud Push” was detected and enabled. It disappeared from the list upon deactivation. But user_external does not appear in the list. There is file in nc/apps/user_external.

I think this installation status record has gone crazy somewhere. Perhaps I removed them manually and then I can expect that they would be reinstalled if I ran the occ upgrade command.

Where can this be resolved to adjust?

CentOS 7.7, nginx 1.16.1, PHP 7.3.14, Nextcloud 18.0.0