How to add yourself to a group

So first of all I have to say that the user management is SUPER unintuitive and totally inconsistent with the rest of the UI.
Not sure who came up with the idea to hide group adding behind a little, easy to miss pencil symbol in the users section.

The rest of the UI uses checkboxes (to select the items you want to take action on) in combination with an “Actions” button (as it should be).
So the logical thing would have been to apply this easy to use control scheme to the user management as well.

But not to my actual question:
I (admin user) was able to create a new group and add new users to that group (by manually clicking on the pencil symbol for each user and adding the group instead of just selecting all via checkboxes and then perform batch actions… I feel like its 1990 again).

HOWEVER, this does not work for my own (admin) user account, as the pencil symbol is missing in the user overview page.

So how do I add my own (admin) user to a newly created group. Surely such a basic task cant be that hard to do.

Thanks in advance.

Also, just as a quick addition:
my user management looks nowhere even close as nice as the picture in this thread here:

I do NOT have the header row at the top where I can select to only show users from certain groups or similar.

I m on 18.0.2 and my user management looks like this:

Is this how it should look like (which I cannot image, as the other post is from 2016 and looks much nicer).

looks like the same issue as THIS TOPIC

your color scheme is offset with the theme or whatever. Lots of black/dark gray text is not visible with your background color.

Well the linked issue turned out to be completely unrelated to any theming / color issues.

Also, even if I hold down the mouse and mark everything on the page (which would then hightlight any items that were invisible due to color issues) it turns out that there is nothing there.
Same goes for disabling the “breeze dark” app. Issue still occurs.

As I have already received some recommendations here that were rather based on guess-work than on knowledge or “troubleshooting”, lets simply lay a groundwork here:
Could you please post a picture of how the user management looks for you on your NC 18.0.3 instance.

Thank you.


In my opinion the UI is super intuitive, never had any issues with it. But I guess if you’re used to a checkbox-matrix for user-management it could take a while to adapt to the NC approach…

Batch user edit would be nice though.

First of all, thank you very much @Boki4d.

Unfortunately this is exactly how it looks for me (just with the dark theme). And to be honest, this is what I already expected: it is not a defect (as @Vincent_Stans may have suggested for whatever reason), it is simply that the user management page has gotten shittier /uglier over time.

If you have a look at the user management page for version 9, you can clearly see that it looked much better 9 Versions ago!

What is with this huge space between users, missing batch actions (not just in the user management, but also for things like tags) and the completely unintuitive “pencil and three dots” menu splitting

I m 100% sure that this app took like 5 minutes to code and was never looked at again. Proven by the fact that they still have not fixed the issue, where you cannot edit group membership for your own user due to missing pencil symbol, which seems to be around since 18.0.0.

@nextcloud: I really like the concept in general, but please, for the love of god, dont let your programmers do the design work and workflow concepts.
It will result in a barebones and ugly solution (just as the user management is at the moment).

I understand your frustration, but honestly, the most reasonable thing would be to write your change requests / issues down, maybe supported with screenshots, and add them to the issue tracker on github. I know that there alreay are some issues regarding the user panel, but I haven’t searched for all of the subjects you’ve mentioned.

The batch/bulk edit option for users is a nice feature in particular. Maybe I’ll open up an issue myself if I can find the time tomorrow.

PS: The user panel in NC9 looks… “functional” :smiley:

Ok, i basically agree with that procedure, although I find it a bit… surprising that someone would need to open a feature request to have batch editing for users or tags implemented.
The tag feature is more or less useless as it is at the moment.
NC is a solution to store potentially hundreds or thousands of files. I would be curious what they think is the intended way to tag like 200 files at once?
And why hide tags in some sub menu, which no one every looks at anyway?
Make it a customizeable column.
This is all stuff I would rather expect from a version 3 or 4 of a software, but not version 18.

What is the preferred way to create a feature request? Most software vendors have a dedicated feature request page, where users can create and vote for such ideas.
Is there anything similar for Nextcloud?

For the software defects: there is already an entry for the “pencil symbol missing for own user”.
This has existed since 18.0.0 and was supposed to be fixed in 18.0.1… and then 18.0.2 and then 18.0.3.
So… yeah, maybe in the next version (or the one after that…).

@sne I have the same issue, did you open the issue in github ?
I agree, the user management is not easy and it’s just impossible to handle with more than 100 users (I’ve an instance with 1K users)

this one I think ?