How to Add local Folder on Ext USB for storage

Due to my lack of understanding, I appear to be going the wrong way about doing something that may be relatively easy to most and hope somebody can help.

I have NC 19.04 (SNAP) installed on an Intel NUC with 128Gb SSD and a 2Tb external USB HDD (This is recognised by Ubuntu and I have created a simple folder on it).

All I am trying to do is make that folder available to any account that uses the NC as a start.

lsblk lists the drive as sbd2

Could anybody please let me know the steps needed to add the drive and folder

What do you mean “as a start”?

You need to set it up as external storage. Assuming you have already formatted and mounted this disk, you can configure it as SFTP external storage even though it’s on the same server. I’m not sure if the “local” external storage option works with snap.

If you want it available to all users, go to Settings > Administration > External Storage.

Thanks for the reply. It came down to permissions and I now have it as a share for all NC users. Im new to Linux so a lesson learned for me