How to add contact peoperties With their using `IManager->createOrUpdate()`

Hi, I have an application and I want to add some new Contacts to the contact app by using IManager->createOrUpdate method. Byt I want to set the type of properties too. for example, I want to Add a Phone No with HOME type and also another phone number with Work type. but I could not find any code example or hint to do this. can Anybody help me with this subject?

		$contact = [
			'FN' => $name,
			'EMAIL' => [
					'type' => 'HOME',
					'value' => 'user@domain.tld',
		$contactsManager->createOrUpdate($contact, $addressbook);

that is some code I found for contact emails. I guess you can use the same schema for phone numbers.

It did not work and it create some comma-separated value inside that field.

i see. then you will have to step through this with a debugger.