How to add an account to Nextcloud client on iPadPro (3rd generation) with iOS 15.1

I have bought a new iPadPro 11’ and installed the Nexcloud Application. I can not find out how to add a second Nextcloud account. Does the current iOS client support the multiaccount mode?


  1. Go to main screen
  2. Select “more” at bottom left
  3. Click on your account
  4. See section “Manage account”
  5. Choose “Add acount”
  6. Done.

Thanks rakekniven! But there is no more link, no button. If it does not make it difficult to watch here is a snapshot of the video: Nextcloud

Does your video show the Nextcloud app or a browser?

The app. I was also confused because it looks like a browser’s interface, but swipping shows that is the app. изображение

Hmmh … what happens if you close the app (kill app) and restart it?

To me it looks like after you logged in via the webFlow you stay in the browser you.
The app itself looks different.

Sorry i use Android and not iOS.

But in the AppStore there are different pictures.

Perhaps your “button” is a (Progressive) WebApp.

Can you start the nextcloud app direct from your list of installed ios apps?

After restarting (killing) everything stays as it. The app still works perfectly on my iPhoneSE. You are probably right somehow and the app does not getting a focus after authorization. I have tried to use the option “Login from device” but the app says “This browser is not supported. Your browser does not support passwordless authentication” (I am not absolutely sure about exact translations of messages). I changed the default browser without any success. There are Nextcloud icons in the context menu (file share) but the error 405 (Prohibited method) pops up after use. It actually looks as I am still stay with the browser. Could it be because of new M1 processor? Any ideas how to fix the trouble?

@ios Do you have an idea?

I somehow caught the moment and was able to click on the tiny app frame that flashed while the browser window was opening. After deleting the account and re-adding my two accounts, the application started working fine. At the time, Safari was the default browser. I have no idea if it helped. Thank you guys for your support!