How to add a working roundcube installation into Nextcloud

i have a working roundcube installation, which is accessible from “Outside”
i have a working nextcloud installation which ist only accessible from Insyde or over VPN.

so the question how to merge this together? the howtows i found are explaining about how to install it but did nocht found how to “merge” it together.

have a nice day

any tutorial or help?

Roundcube and Nextcloud are completely independent projects. What do you expect from a “merge”? Do you mean to run them on the same server? That’s easy, set up a virtual host for each of them. This is mostly Apache / Nginx configuration.

Maybe you are looking for this:

thanks for your feedback, the “problem” with Roundcube is - i am not able to sync the address to a mobile!
so reading in the net there should be a way to have contacts in Nextclound and able to use them in Roundcube too.
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Read the link I sent you previously. There seems to be a method to do that, but the steps look rather complicated.

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You mean something like this?

Has someone tried this?

update: that tutorial now its here: