How to add a file / folder to the favorites in the oOS app

Just installed the iOS app. But I could not find a way to mark a file / folder as a favorite in the iOS app so that it is made available offline and is sync-ed automatically. I also tried to mark a folder / file as Favorite on the Nextcloud webUI as I thought that this is maybe the same “Favorite setting”. But I don’t see any change in the app. The “Favorites” tab is completely empty.

I am not sure whether you can add a folder to your favorites but it works for files.

Swipe over the file to the left and select “other” there you can add the file to your favorites and copy the file to your device.

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Thank you for this hint. Now I got it. “Add to Favorites” indeed is not available for folders? Why not? And it’s really confusing that you now have two kinds of Favorites - one on the server and one on your client and they are not the same. And how does the app-favorites related to the “Keep this folder Synchronized” on a folders?

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Yes, I’ve long thought that the rest we wire/present linked/synced files on the mobile client to be confusing, especially now that we have favorites on the web ui. Really, I’d just call what we currently call “favorite” on the mobile clients “keep synced”

Are there any news about the IOs Client.
Will be great if there is a possibility to autosync Folders in a way that the files are really downloaded and stored on the Device.

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