How to activate a self developed backgroundJob in nextcloud 10

The BackgroundJob is never started and it’s constructor is never called.

I have implemented my own App.
It needs a background job to send emails periodically.

I have made a my own class which inherits from TimedJob.
The job is never started, it;s constructor is never called

class NotifyRequestChangesJob extends \OC\BackgroundJob\TimedJob {

public function __construct(…) {

protected function run($argument) {
$this->log(print_r( ‘NotifyRequestChangesJob starting’, true));

Registering the job as follows:
in app.php:
BackgroundJob::addRegularTask(OCA\LouInformation\BackgroundJob\NotifyRequestChangesJob, ‘run’);
With the debugger I can confirm that this call is done.

I have followed instructions from the nexcloud 10 developer manual.

Please help.

Using 10.0.3 with php7 on linux with apache.