How to achieve autologin?

I am using tablets for my kids to listen stream music via rhe MP3 app (pretty nice to have different “libraries” by simply sharing album-folders with one or the other)

But: the login is coming up all the time

I am searching for a way to

  • enable an autologin for a user
  • or autologin all internal devices
  • or via certificate?

Any idea if this exists?
Or any hint which code i could start looking at to tweak locally?

Thanks a lot!


Here my found aproach:
copy /core/templates/login.php into the Theme-Folder, so it can be overruled.

Implement all logic required. At the end, the following line needs to be fired

better suggestions?

I want to use it to recognize a tablet within the internal network and login automatically (Child for Music-listening)

Hi Marcel,

I can’t figure out a way to implement this. It keeps giving error: vendor_script NOT FOUND and script NOT FOUND. Did miss anything? Or should I include another file.



thank you for bringing this up. a nicer solution is still pending.
perhapse the NC-Core devs have a better idea how to possibly solve this via an additional app?

Your method still appears to be one of few options available using a Google search, so it may well be good enough :thumbsup:

which still does not means that it makes any technical sense


Could you share your /core/templates/login.php file?


Where is that file located? what is the rest of the file path for


On Linux Mint Cinnamon DE